Offer visitors better search results to create smoother shopping experiences

Optimise your site search for more conversion and improve user-friendliness.


Increase experiences with optimal site search

Say goodbye to empty result pages, ineffective search functions, and irrelevant recommendations. With our solution, you provide every visitor with a seamless experience and maximise their buying intent. The tool includes features for optimising your search functionality, personalising search results, and showcasing your offerings. Visitors find what they’re looking for more quickly and frequently, you gain more control over your inventory, and you increase your profits.

Offer better search results and product listings

The search functionality on your website is a crucial driver of conversions. With the features of our Search solution, you optimise search results and product listings on your website, maximising both relevance and profit. Add your data from our customer data platform to the mix, and you create the optimal on-site experience for every customer.

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Personalised site search

A whopping 80% of visitors using the search functionality have a clear buying intent. With site search, you easily capitalise on this intent. By personalising results, they find what they’re looking for faster, streamlining the customer journey. Push the boundaries of personalisation with site search and get ready for significant impact.

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Boost sales with
Search Merchandising

With Merchandising, you can integrate products from your webshop into your search results. This makes it easier for visitors to find the products they are looking for and can lead to more conversions. Create a product catalog in Spotler Activate with Search Merchandise. You can then connect this catalog to your website. When a visitor enters a search query, the products from your catalog that are relevant to that query will be displayed.

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Be more relevant with
Product Recommendations

With Spotler Activate Search, you can enrich search results with recommendations. Add relevant products to search results based on specific features or base recommendations on the previous viewing and purchasing behaviour of your audience. With manual placement, you have full control over promoting your products, deciding which items are highlighted for which audience segments.

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Optimal search functionality

Every additional second of loading time comes with a 30% drop-off rate. That’s why our site search displays search results in milliseconds without reloading the page. It also considers synonyms, spelling mistakes, and relevance. Plus, you get complete control over the settings and how you improve search results.

Real-time data synchronization

Enrich Spotler Activate with Search and make an even greater impact on the on-site experience of your customers and visitors. Thanks to an integrated connection, data from Spotler Activate is immediately available in Search after linking for optimizing site search, recommendations, and merchandising. Conversely, search data from Search is also automatically added to customer profiles in Spotler Activate, giving you always up-to-date insights.

Experience the convenience of our Search solution

Intuitive dashboard interface

We offer you an all-in-one dashboard with an intuitive interface from which you, as an e-commerce manager, can control everything: management of Search products, suggestions for improvements, reporting, and much more. Do you prefer to work with Google Analytics? Simply link your data.

Keep improving conversions

From the dashboard, you can see how visitors interact with the Search tooling. Based on this, you gain insights to further improve conversion rates. Through actionable insights Spotler Activate Search always helps you with the next step; marketing questions about website search are answered in no-time.

Easy to set up

Start improving conversions within minutes! Spotler Activate Search works with all available platforms and website technologies. All we need is a good data feed, and you only run a few lines of JavaScript in your site code. Installation of Search is therefore very fast and requires hardly any technical expertise.

Dedicated support

We believe in our product and do everything we can to help you get the most out of it. When you become a Spotler Activate Search customer, we make sure you have everything you need. We provide you with advice during every onboarding stage. Is something not working? Our support team is always ready for you.

Discover the possibilities of our Search software

Our consultants are ready to show you the capabilities of our Search software. This way, you can quickly determine if it suits your organisation.

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