Personalised Site-Search

Hyper-personalise the online shopping search experience to improve usability and stimulate repeat purchases.


Why hyper-personalise your webshop?

Your website visitors love personalised content. Personalised search results are more noticeable, lead to faster conversions and bind consumers to your brand. This makes hyper-personalisation a strategic tool in today’s competitive market.

Create the ideal match between visitor and product thanks to personalised search results

With Personalised Site-Search, you link search results within your webshop to the behavioural data of your visitors to create an unparalleled personal search experience. In this way, the individual preferences of your visitors are taken into account in the displays and results of the search function within your e-commerce environment. This leads to a much more streamlined online shopping experience and encourages repeat purchases.

Are you ready to get more out of your shops search engine?

Personalised Site-Search makes the preferences of your visitors leading and hyper-personal, so that everyone who searches sees unique results. This leads to fewer searches, because the right product is found much faster! Ultimately, this functionality helps you build more comprehensive profiles of your customers. Based on the patterns that become visible, you can better map out customers and customer groups and target them more effectively.

Integrate Personalised Site-Search with CDP

You can view hyper-personalisation as an upgrade over standard personalisation in marketing tooling. It uses AI, behavioural indicators and real-time data to show more relevant suggestions and recommendations to searching shoppers. Add advanced Personalised Site-Search to Spotler Activate and use historical data from the CDP to build individual search profiles. Installation and integration with your existing e-commerce environment is a piece of cake.

Less searching and more finding?

Do you want to know exactly how Personalised Site-Search from Spotler Activate helps boost your e-commerce activities? We would be happy to show you in a personal demo.

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