Spotler Activate Privacy Statement


It’s important to us that you feel comfortable using our website and trust us that any data you decide to share is handled with the appropriate care. We ensure you that when you use our website, we take both your privacy and the security of your data very seriously.

This policy is in place to inform you about the reasons we may collect data from your visit and the way you can have control over this. In this case control means you can request to review, edit or delete data you have shared with us at any time. Also, we offer you the option to opt out of any tracking used on our website.

We encourage you to read on to learn about how we handle things at Spotler Activate. If any questions remain please don’t hesitate to contact us on


Why do we collect data from your website visit?

Our website is there to help you learn about our Spotler Activate Data Management platform and all its capabilities. Our platform is designed to help businesses get to know their visitors and customers. We use the platform within our own website to make sure we can offer you an optimal experience, both while visiting our website, or later by providing you with information you might have missed when you are browsing other sites on the internet.

We use the personal data collected via the Spotler Activate platform for the following purposes:

  • interest-based advertising;
  • limiting the number of times a user sees a particular ad;
  • showing ads in a particular sequence;
  • customizing ads to a particular geographic region;
  • showing ads related to the content of the web page on which they are shown;
  • determining when users respond to ads;
  • analyzing product preferences;
  • adapting website content according to your interests;
  • sending commercial e-mails;
  • reporting aggregated statistics regarding, for example, the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.


Processing of personal data via Spotler Activate Customer Data Platform

We make use of our own Spotler Activate Customer Data Platform (The Platform) to securely store any data we receive from you. The Platform allows us to collect and use the following personal data, only when you decide to share it with us:

  • name
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • sales location
  • source
  • timestamp
  • user ID
  • IP address
  • information about browser and operating system
  • unique identifier assigned to your device
  • url of the web page visited, including any header information
  • geographic location
  • actions performed within a web page
  • information derived from content of a web page
  • any derivative of the above
  • information collected via online forms
  • information collected via other sources

We collect the information via cookies, beacons, tags, mobile SDKs and similar technologies.

Information stored in the platform is retained in the Platform in non-aggregated form. Aggregated data is used for reporting and analysis of our advertising, and this is also stored in the Platform.


Which information does Spotler Activate share with third parties?

Spotler Activate can share personal data with third parties in either of the following circumstances:

  • Spotler Activate makes uses of third parties (called sub-processors) which are necessary for providing its services. For example, a hosting provider or software developer. We make sure all of these sub-processors adhere to our strict policies on security and privacy as well as us.;
  • Spotler Activate will only analyse data for its own purposes, such as enhancing its services, when it has obtained a valid legal basis, such as consent, for this. Spotler Activate will only share Personal Data with third parties for its own purposes (or those of a third party) when both Spotler Activate and the relevant third party have a valid legal basis to do so, such as your consent;
  • Spotler Activate may disclose Personal Data regarding malicious or unlawful activity, or invalid traffic, to its client and/or competent authorities, when it is legally required to do so;
  • Spotler Activate may transfer Platform Information to a successor entity in connection with a corporate merger, consolidation, sale of assets, bankruptcy, or other corporate change.


Viewing, changing & removing your data

We offer you a way to review, change or remove data you have decided to share with us.
To do this you can submit a ‘User Data Request’ using the link provided below. This will direct you to a page on which all data points known by us in relation to the device you are using will be provided, without exposing the actual data to provide maximum security of your data.

To review, change or delete your data you can submit a request directly from this page. Visit the following link to submit a user data request:

When we remove data from the Spotler Activate platform, the part of our privacy and cookie policy which is not related to the Spotler Activate Platform remains applicable.

Opt out

If you decide you do not want to be tracked by Spotler Activate Technology in any case, you can opt out of Spotler Activate Information collection. This means no company, including Spotler Activate, that is using the Spotler Activate Tracking platform will be able to offer you personalized experiences based on data you share with them.

When you decide to opt out, an opt out cookie will be stored in your web browser. The Platform will know your choice when it recognizes your opt out cookie and will apply your choice to all third parties using the Platform. If you block or delete the opt out cookie, the Platform will not be able to recognize your choice to opt out.

Opt out of Spotler Activate Tracking by clicking the link: https://app.Spotler


Spotler Activate takes the following security measures to prevent misuse of and unauthorised access to personal data:

  • access to personal data requires the use of a user name and password;
  • access to personal data requires the use of a user name and login token;
  • after receipt, the data will be stored in a separate partition of the database;
  • physical measures to protect access to the systems in which the personal data is stored;
  • secure connections (Secure Socket Layer, SSL) to encrypt all information between you and Spotler Activate when entering your personal data;
  • logs of all requests for personal data.

We do not store data longer than necessary for providing our services.


Other technology used on

On top of using our own Spotler Activate Customer Data Platform technology to store data, we use technologies provided by third parties to buy advertising and analyse our website performance. We do this to ensure you with an optimal website experience and to communicate relevant offers to you. Below you find information about all third party technology present with our website and a way to opt out from their tracking and data collection as well.

Analytics Technology

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a commonly used platform to collect aggregated usage statistics about website visitors. We use it to find out how many people have been visiting our website and to see which pages are popular among our users.
Opt Out:

Google Api Services User Data Policy

(App’s) use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.
More info:

Advertising Technology

‍On our website advertising technology is loaded. This allows us to buy targeted advertising, we may use to show you some information about Spotler Activate Platform that we think you might have missed during your visit.

‍Facebook Advertising

We use the Facebook pixel to help us buy targeted advertisements on the Facebook platform.
Opt Out:

‍Google Ads

We use the Google Ads Tag to help us buy targeted advertisements on the Google platform.
Opt Out:

Development Technology


For security reasons and country lookup, we use the GeoLite2 Maxmind databases, this is available from

Spotler Activate Ad Serving Technology

Spotler Activate clients using our Spotler Activate Platform technology can choose to use ad serving capabilities offered in the Spotler Activate Platform. This enables our clients to create personalized advertisements based on data they have collected in the Spotler Activate Platform. These advertisements can be displayed on external websites using our ad server. When such an advertisement is shown to you, the following data is collected by Spotler Activate on behalf of our customer:

Spotler Activate cookie

A Spotler Activate Cookie is left on your device and is used to identify that you have been served an advertisement. This helps our clients to limit the amount of advertisements that are being shown to you about the same topic.

If you do not want us to store any data on ad impressions related to your device, please follow this link to opt out: https://app.Spotler

‍Website cookies

The Spotler Activate website cookies. More information and approval to use cookies you can find on our Cookies page.

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