More Effective Product Presentation with Search Merchandising

Show your products in your e-commerce environment in a smart way and inspire conversions and purchases.


Manage and control your Merchandising on every product list

Every list of products in your webshop is a window display. With Search Merchandising within Spotler Activate, you can present your catalog in such a way that your customers always see the right product. You can do this anywhere in your e-commerce shop, from your homepage to your category pages.

Design customer journeys shaped on your e-shop needs

Present items from your catalog in the order you want. Or go a step further and let Search Merchandising itself adjust the product order based on certain characteristics or keywords. With Search Merchandising, you can automatically put the most profitable products at the front of overviews or rank certain product categories higher later. You can do this, for example, for seasonal products, such as holiday themed items around Christmas or other special festivities.

Manual (custom) layout

With manual layout, you keep full control over the products you want to promote on your category page. After all, you are the expert! You can use this to increase the visibility of promotional products, push products with excess stock, or simply show the best-selling items.

Smart, rule-based layout

Make the layout of displayed products smart with set ranking rules based on product characteristics or keywords. This way, you can put items that meet certain characteristics or combinations of them in better converting places. For example, think of red clothing with an applied discount.

Discover the possibilities of Search Merchandising

Do you want to know more about Search Merchandising from Spotler Activate and the underlying features? Or do you have other questions? Schedule a demo with one of our experts.

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