Make your social media marketing more personal, efficient, and effective with our Social solution. This module offers a variety of features to help you reach your target audience and increase engagement.



Are you looking to optimize your social media marketing? Our Social solution includes features that help you get a clear overview of all interactions with your brand on social media, deploy chatbots to automatically answer customer questions, and automatically post relevant posts from your organization’s social accounts using AI.

Efficient customer service

With the universal inbox, you manage all social media messages in one overview. This makes it easier to answer customer questions and respond to comments. This feature helps you achieve better customer service and higher customer satisfaction.

Increase engagement

By setting up chatbots, businesses can send automatic messages and answer customer questions. This increases engagement with the target audience and can lead to more leads and conversions.

Automate &
be more relevant

With AI features, you can automatically generate, optimize, and improve posts. This helps you generate more relevant posts that produce better results for your target audience.

From bulk to one-on-one contact

With our Social solution, you can not only connect with your customers more easily, but your customers can also connect with you in super easy way. Bring all online customer communication together in one clear dashboard: social media, WhatsApp, live chat, review sites, and online forums. This way, you always know what’s going on, you can easily start a conversation with your customer via their preferred channel, and you never lose track of anything!

Discover the possibilities of our Social solution

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