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Personalisation with passion, striving for the optimal customer journey

Our aim is to offer you a Customer Data Platform that unites two e-commerce goals. On the one hand, we help you convert more, while on the other hand, we aim for maximum customer satisfaction by serving the right recommendation at the right time. That is what our joint team has been working on daily.

Merger of Squeezely, Datatrics, Shopping Minds and Sooqr

Spotler Activate is a merger of the Customer Data Platforms of Squeezely, Datatrics, Shopping Minds and on-site search software Sooqr, all part of the Spotler Group.

In addition to the core principle of providing user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-adopt software, we offer you extensive support. We do this, for example, with a customer success team, a support team, technical specialists and a partner network. Ultimately, it is all about ensuring that users of our software achieve results quickly and have more time for other marketing activities.

Software WITH a Service

Our user-friendly software allows you to get the most out of your marketing yourself. Spotler Activate offers more than just software. We also offer active support. We ensure a smooth start and help you improve your performance afterwards. Our goal is that you use our software to approach visitors and customers in a more relevant way and achieve more conversions.

Spotler Activate provides full onboarding to get you up to speed in no-time. We also teach you everything you need to know about e-commerce marketing with our extensive Resources, how-to guides and our Help Center. If you have any remaining questions, you can always call the support team directly.

Solid foundation for eager teams

Every marketing specialist, webshop entrepreneur and IT department knows the challenge of making the right data available in e-commerce tooling. That can be super difficult. That is why we have worked with Spotler Activate on personalized marketing on all channels, but then easily realized from one system. Accessible, scalable and flexible with integration with relevant systems, to meet the needs of the widest possible group of companies.

We have also thought about security and acted accordingly. Spotler Activate meets all standard requirements for information security.

Proud of your results

Our way of working is valued by leading companies. Every week, more companies are benefiting from our integrated approach to personalized marketing across all channels. We don’t rest on our laurels. In fact, we are only satisfied when our software works for you. That is why we are happy to put everything aside to answer your question, or to think along with you with the next step in your e-commerce ambitions. Always on the way to results, that is our goal. And when you achieve what you’ve planned with Spotler Activate, we are proud of it. That is why you should definitely check out how it went with Micazu, Cameranu, VVV Texel, XXL Nutrition or soon with your company…

Please feel free to schedule an online demo or contact us so we can show what we can do for your company.

Spotler Activate is part of the Spotler Group

Spotler Activate is part of the Spotler Group and together with our sister companies we focus on all aspects of data driven marketing technology and professional email communication. Our goal: to make it as easy as possible to take on your online marketing challenges.

The Spotler Group consists of Spotler, OBI4wanWireless Services and CrossEngage. Spotler is active in the Netherlands, England, Spain, Sweden and Germany. Earlier we integrated the companies Flowmailer, Tripolis, Really Simple Systems and Pure360 into Spotler.

Come work at Spotler Activate

Our team is full of curious minds who want to improve customer contact. A team that makes happy customers with software and services that are more personal, more efficient and better than the way things were. We always prefer to keep it simple so that we remain accessible to everyone. Do you always have good ideas and a passion for growth? Then start a new adventure at Spotler Activate.

We are always looking for innovative talent to grow with us.

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