B2B Lead Identification

Discover more possibilities for custom content and acquire more leads. Leverage our B2B Lead Identification solution to automatically build profiles, nurture relationships and drive sales.


Never miss a lead again

Never miss a lead and enhance the relevance of your campaigns with B2B Lead Identification. This technology helps you identify potential customers and guide them towards conversion with the right content.

Get to know your leads and turn them into customers

In general, the B2B funnel is relatively long and consists of many touchpoints. This also means that you have many opportunities to pique the interest of your prospects and engage them. However, this only works when you know who they are, where they come from, and what they want. Our B2B Lead Identification solution recognizes your visitors and automatically builds profiles of them. It captures where they’re coming from, which company they work for, and which pages they’re viewing.

With these insights, sales have warmer leads and make better conversations and your marketing team can run more engaging, automated campaigns. B2B Lead Identification makes sure you’ll never miss a lead while your prospects enjoy a better experience.

Discover new possibilities

Have you ever wondered if you should create separate content for a specific audience? Or if there are opportunities within a new industry or different market? Discover this through our B2B lead identification module. Customise content for new business visitors and target audiences, monitor the effects of your campaigns in real time, and find where the profit lies.

Data-driven optimisation

The data collected with B2B Lead Identification enriches your existing processes and is automatically synchronised with your CRM and CDP. This allows you to immediately utilise the newly acquired insights in advertisements, personalisations, and other content. The rule still applies here: the more data you collect, the further you can optimise your marketing.

GDPR compliant

With increasing concerns about privacy and the phasing out of third-party cookies, creating a first-party strategy becomes even more crucial. The B2B lead identification technology doesn’t use cookies but IP addresses to identify visitors. Therefore, it is fully GDPR-compliant, and you are prepared for a future without third-party cookies.

Identification based on IP addresses

Behind the B2B Lead Identification module is a unique dynamic database with IP addresses and associated company information. By placing the tracking code in your CMS or tag manager, a connection is established between Spotler Activate’s IP database and your visitor’s IP address. Is there a match? Then you’ll receive all available information about your visitor. Connect B2B Lead Identification with our CDP to send automated follow-ups with personalised content and the right call-to-actions.

Discover the possibilities of our B2B Lead Identification solution

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