Smartly target visitors with a higher purchase intent; those who use the search functionality within your e-shop.


Why optimise your search functionality?

Within e-commerce, searching webshop visitors are your best visitors. They are responsible for the lion’s share of your turnover. With optimised Site-Search search functionality from Spotler Activate on your site, you increase conversions, boost the average order value and maximise your turnover from searches.

Show the most relevant search results immediately

80% of searching visitors on your website only want one thing: to buy a product. (Or two.) Did you know that every second of waiting time causes 30% of searchers to drop out? Therefore, enable them to find the product directly, without irritating loading times. Site-Search makes it possible to show search results in milliseconds, without the page having to reload in the browser. Searching doesn’t get any better than this.

Full control over your search results

Take control and improve the search results for visitors in a continuous process. If you want to experiment with search settings to let shoppers get even better results from their queries, you can do it in no time. You are always able to push what you consider your most important products, for maximum conversion rates.

Integrate Site-Search into any webshop

Site-Search is platform independent. So whatever you use; you can keep using what you already do in combination with Site-Search from Spotler Activate. All you need to get Site-Search working is a few lines of Javascript in your shop’s code. That’s it!

Powerful features for more results from search functionality

Ultimate relevance

Our advanced algorithm always ensures appropriate results. So when you search for sneakers, sandals or slippers are not shown. By optionally setting rules, you yourself remain in control of what appears at the top.

Takes errors into account

A spelling mistake is human and happens more often than you might think. Thanks to built-in spell checking and synonyms, visitors always find what they are looking for, including logical variations and derived terms.

Useful insights from data

The intuitive Site-Search interface shows you exactly what visitors are searching for, how many searches convert and how shoppers move through the customer journey. Link Search to Google Analytics or BI-tooling to dive deeper into the data.

Multilingual bien sûr!

Do you sell your products in a multilingual webshop? No problem. Our technology supports a large number of languages, whereby you can optionally enter translations for the displayed text in the search results.

Add the optimal search experience to your shop

Discover the possibilities of our Site-Search solution. We’re happy to show you everything about our search technology in a personal demo.

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