Product Recommendations

Help your online shoppers in a smarter way. Show visitors what they want to find, even if they are not looking for that exact product.


What does Product Recommendations do?

A big difference between brick-and-mortar stores and webshops is the presence of staff. Where you can get advice from employees in a store, Product Recommendations can fulfill this role for your e-commerce environment. Visitors receive relevant recommendations that meet actual needs.

Related products sell more often

Recommended products during the checkout of a digital shopping cart convert more often and for higher amounts than regular items. With Product Recommendations, you can get more revenue from your customers by applying smart up- and cross-selling.

Choose the way you want to recommend

Manual Recommendations

By choosing the products you yourself want to recommend, you can boost sales of your bestsellers, seasonal products and promotions. You have complete control over the products you recommend, as well as the order in which they appear to the visitor.

Attribute-based Recommendations

By recommending products based on certain characteristics, such as price, color, size or something else, you create an interesting selection for the visitor. For example, you could also recommend rainwear when a visitor searches for an umbrella or rain boots.

Product-based Recommendations

In this mode, you let Spotler's technology do the work and base your product recommendations on the viewing and purchasing behavior of visitors. Smart algorithms used show visitors products that they are likely to want to buy, even if they are not yet aware of them themselves.

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Product Recommendations?

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