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Boost engagement and increase conversion with WhatsApp software

Are you struggling with the open rates of your email campaigns? WhatsApp achieves an average of 98%.

Countless companies battle daily for the attention of your (potential) customers. With personalised direct messaging, ensure that your content stands out, gets opened, and makes an impact. WhatsApp is the app to enrich your customer journeys with relevant direct messaging, thereby increasing engagement and boosting conversions.

Personalise with customer data

Elevate your customer communication to the next level with WhatsApp. Use the features of our software to personalise your messages, send automatically, or message specific audiences simultaneously. Thanks to the integration between WhatsApp and our CDP, achieve maximum relevance and engagement in the most efficient way.

Personal updates, newsletters & more

By adding direct messaging to your customer journeys, new and unique ways to communicate bidirectionally with your customers emerge. Send them back-in-stock updates or price drop alerts about wishlist products, answer questions about deliveries, gather newsletter opt-ins, or assist them in selecting the right size. Whether done manually or automated with a chatbot, thanks to our solution, the right customer data is always available and deployable instantly.

Avoid (spam)filters and surpass the competition

For many companies, email remains a crucial channel to reach, retain, or win back customers. However, the challenges associated with email often hinder success. Besides the high level of competition, emails end up unread in the trash due to spam filters. With direct messaging, such as WhatsApp, this is not an issue.

Keep expanding your platform

WhatsApp is one of the products that enrich our Customer Data Platform, taking your personalization strategy to a higher level. If you want to further expand personalization capabilities, go for our Search software and use customer data to personalise your search bar. Or expand your CDP with RFM, Lifecycle, Web Push notifications, or CNAME Relay.

With the numerous possibilities and add-ons of our Customer Data Platform, you keep building better.

Discover the possibilities of WhatsApp

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