Spotler Activate: the Datatrics alternative where YOU stay in control

Flexible personalisation platform for a better converting funnel



Custom Cases

Forget static touchpoints and canned use cases. With Spotler Activate’s flexibility, you can easily create cases that respond to your customers’ individual journeys. Whether you want to gather information, entice visitors or reactivate customers. You decide which events you collect, which audiences or product sets you build with them and in which form you use them. Get off to a flying start with our success cases or work out your strategy in detail with custom events.


Advanced audience matching

Spotler Activate offers comprehensive audience matching within external platforms such as Google Ads and Meta (Facebook and Instagram). Besides email addresses, Spotler Activate also takes other data from the CDP to make matches with profiles. Where Datatrics achieves a 20% match rate, Spotler Activate’s reaches up to 100%.


Solution-oriented support

Our support team always thinks with you and helps you make the most of the flexibility of the technology. In addition to comprehensive digital documentation and explanations, we also offer solution-oriented support. So we help you quickly on and off the road. Read more about our approach here.

Step out of your black box

A transparent algorithm

Unlike Datatrics’ arcane black box algorithm, Spotler Activate gives you insight and control. Within the platform, you not only see what predictions the built-in models make, but you can also control them as you see fit. An optimal collaboration between technology and strategy.

First party data

Facebook Conversions API

Spotler Activate is the only platform in the Netherlands that offers a Facebook Conversions API. This solution shares data from the CDP directly with Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, allowing you to target in a much more targeted way. This not only makes your ads more relevant, but also more cost-efficient and more secure with customer data.

360° Customer Profile

Clean database thanks to deduplication

Spotler Activate keeps your database clean and customer profiles pure in a 360-degree customer profile. It is able to link multiple devices to a single customer profile and automatically deduplicates all data. Say goodbye to multiple profiles of the same person. And want to look up what a particular customer’s last purchase was? The 360-degree customer profiles are always updated in real time.


Keep building your platform

The arsenal of channels can be supplemented with WhatsApp, Apple Messages or SMS. With Spotler Activate Search, you personalise the results in your search bar. Take real control over the way products are displayed with Merchandise. Or build your platform with RFM, Lifecycle, Web Push Notifications or CNAME Relay. With Spotler Activate, you never stop building.

Optimise customer journeys

Do you also want to take back control of your Customer Data Platform, build future-proof customer profiles and create personalisations that really make an impact? Then book a free demo or start a chat now.

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