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About XXL Nutrition

XXL Nutrition is a company from Deurne, the Netherlands, run by real fitness enthusiasts. Hence, you wouldn’t be surprised by their high quality standards when supplying thousands of European customers with supplements, health foods and innovative fitness accessories every month. XXL Nutrition controls its entire supply chain. Sourcing, delivery and of course e-commerce form the proverbial engines of this sporty company from the Dutch province of Brabant.

Every aspect of the XXL Nutrition organization is designed to achieve the highest level of innovation. In 2020, a whole new e-commerce platform was launched in Magento 2. Alongside the launch of the new platform, their ambitious marketing team sought to personalize the XXL Nutrition customer journey. In order to do so, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) would have to be found to fit exactly into the pre-existing XXL Nutrition technological framework. Most importantly, a seamless link with its Email Service Provider (ESP) Copernica was essential. As were a plug & play connection with Magento 2 and data synchronization to Google Ads. Unmistakably, Spotler Activate CDP was a perfect match for all XXL Nutritions online ambitions.

XXL customer profile

At the start of the personalisation project, XXL Nutrition mapped out their desired customer journey. Key personalisation moments were identified and these moments would form the base for the key use cases. These use cases helped Spotler Activate CDP provide a framework to gather all the necessary information and store it in 360 degree customer profiles. For every customer, all interactions with the XXL website are logged, Viewed products and eventual purchases are continuously added to the customer profile. Built-in prediction models analyze in which part of the decision making process a customer is. Throughout the visit, the customer’s profile gets enriched with recommended products and favorite product categories.

The information gathered and stored into the 360 degree customer profiles, is made available to the entire XXL Nutrition marketing ecosystem. By linking up Copernica, Google Ads and Facebook advertising, product- and target audience information always stay up to date. This way real time personalisation is facilitated for prospective customers at all times.

Next level email personalisation

ESP Copernica utilizes product recommendations that flow from Spotler Activate CDP. Based on online customer behavior, the CDP recommends a set of relevant products. In collaboration with Copernica marketing partner Bookerz, a dynamic Copernica template was developed. This template receives the Spotler Activate CDP recommendations and pours it into the right design. Every email that gets sent out this way is unique and entirely relevant to the receiving customer.

Triggers at the right moment

An important factor in personalisation is that live visitor interactions on the website get linked to an existing customer profile within milliseconds. Spotler Activate CDP uses smart matching mechanics to establish these fast links. After a matching period of no more than 30 days, XXL Nutrition is able to match 11% of its anonymous website visitors to existing customer profiles. As soon as a customer is recognized, the Spotler Activate Journey Builder sends out the right trigger to Copernica.

“Spotler Activate CDP allows us to enrich our backend data from the Magento 2 shop with customer behavior on the website. This way we’re building better marketing automation campaigns. Browser abandonment and cross sell campaigns are great examples.” –  Harmen Spijkers, IT Business Automation Specialist at Bookerz

Together with marketing partner Bookerz, XXL Nutrition built 3 campaigns using the Spotler Activate Journey Builder:

After a visitor leaves the website without having added any products to his or her cart, a personalised email is sent out. The email content is dynamically selected to represent the last items viewed or other relevant products. With this campaign, XXL Nutrition follows up 9% of all website visitors with an email. After receiving this email, 3% of this audience returns to the website and makes a purchase.

Our Cart Abandonment Campaign received a quality boost thanks to the improved visitor identification. Previously, we would require customers to leave us with their email address upon checkout. Right now, Spotler Activate CDP manages to identify our visitors at a much earlier stage. The simple act of adding products to the shopping cart is now enough for Copernica to receive triggers and set up a personalised email. The Cart Abandonment Campaign makes sure that 32,5% of shoppers that abandon their cart return to complete a purchase within 2 days of receiving the email.

The Cross Sell Campaigns sends out personalised emails based on previous purchases made by customers. By comparing purchase data across the entire XXL Nutrition platform, Spotler Activate CDP is able to accurately and successfully recommend other products. These recommendations seem to be appreciated by our customers, as 1% of this audience makes a new purchase within 1 day.

A personalised webshop

The brand new Magento 2 webshop was fitted with a layer of personalisation right from the start. Relevant product recommendations and subtle enticements are visible on multiple pages across the website. Running a control group study easily shows us whether these personalisations are effective.

The XXL Nutrition homepage offers visitors relevant product recommendations, based on the built in Spotler Activate CDP recommender algorithm. Based on the visitor behavior and behavior of previous visitors, relevant products are immediately shown.

The webshop uses several enticement techniques. Product- and overview pages show real time statistics on popular product sales. This layer of enticement provides visitors with social proof and highlights best sellers in a playful manner. Visitors who are provided with a layer of enticement on the website are more likely to make a purchase, as opposed to visitors who don’t receive any enticement communication.

On the product overview page, XXL Nutrition shows off the best selling products to its visitors. Products that have been sold at above average rates, automatically receive the label “popular”. After a visitor visits a popular product’s page, the popularity is subtly confirmed by showing the amount of recent sales embedded in the product description. Spotler Activate CDP ensures this data is always correct and shown in the right places.

Ready for the future

The new Magento 2 webshop and Spotler Activate CDP go hand in hand, ensuring XXL Nutrition has all the supplements it needs to ensure a successful future. Smart application of technology enforces all efforts made in pre-existing platforms, like Copernica, Facebook and Google Ads. It will be to no one’s surprise that fitness enthusiasts from all over Europe will reach their future goals thanks to the amazing products that XXL Nutrition has on offer.

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