Success Story: Babboe & Search

“Ik beoordeel de algehele ervaring met Search met een 9/10”


Our need

‘I was searching for a tool to increase the conversion rate of our Magento 2.0 webshop, and although we were having a lot of searches, we had limited features. This is how I got in contact with Spotler. Overall, the implementation with the Magento 2.0 plugin was smooth, and Search’s intuitive interface made it easier to start using it immediately. And whenever I have some questions, Spotler Activate is always very helpful.’

“With Search we made our products more findable. We can now account for the different terms visitors use to find a product, and orient to alternative items with banners.”

– Daniel Veraart, Online marketeer @ Babboe

Why using the Search solution?

‘Of course, our whole business model turns around cargo bikes, for which we have all kinds of accessories and complementary items. And, of course, first-time visitors need to orientate properly, and get directed to our main products. So, when they used to type “Cargo bike” they were shown a lot of accessories and related products, as this term appears everywhere in our product descriptions and names. With Ranking rules, we pushed our cargo bikes in the first results, so that our main products are shown, and it is then on the experienced visitor to further refine the search to find what they’re searching for.’

Many times, different visitors search for the same items by using different terms, such as the “rain cover” or “rain tend”. ‘We thus looked into the searches without result and added the interesting ones to our synonyms. This way, we basically made our search customer-centric, and all our products more findable.’

‘We also had a pretty common issue with our shopping journeys for batteries: while our visitors were searching for a specific SKU of battery, it was often out-of-stock. By placing marketing banners at the top of the search results for accu (“battery” in Dutch) with Promotion Rules, we can direct our visitors to the category page with all the available batteries, where it is easier to make a decision and check whether the model fits the visitors’ cargo bike models.’

‘Promotion Rules are also extremely useful to align our inbound marketing campaigns efforts with our content website. For example, to remind our customers about discounted or new products that we advertise on different platforms, such as Facebook. Also, the fact that banners can be scheduled makes it easier to synchronise them with our paid marketing.’

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