Customer data has become essential in e-commerce, but managing data in different systems makes it difficult to build a 360-degree customer profile. Spotler Activate is a solution that provides marketers with tools to centralize data from a single integrated approach, making it possible to create optimised and personalised campaigns.

Data collection in 2024: more demands, fewer possibilities

To make your marketing strategy future-proof, you need to base it on data. Not only does data provide an objective picture of reality, it also helps you understand your customers better and personalise your content on an individual level. That’s what consumers expect from companies in 2024: the right message, at the right time, via the right channel.

But while the demands of consumers are increasing, they are less willing to share personal data. Even if they don’t use ad blockers themselves, new GDPR regulations make data collection less easy and obvious than it was a few years ago.

These developments pose major challenges for marketers. How do you meet the high demands of the modern consumer if third-party cookies are not available? How do you turn raw data into relevant insights? And how do you make the most of these insights?

To meet these challenges, marketers will need to work in a new way. And that works best with the products of Spotler Activate.

Optimize your customer lifecycle with Spotler Activate

With Spotler Activate, you lay the foundation for a future-proof, data-driven personalisation strategy. It contains all the technologies you need to step-by-step design and optimise your customer lifecycle from A to Z.

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects first-party touchpoints and associated data from various sources and automatically builds 360-degree profiles for all your visitors and customers. These profiles tell you who they are, where they are, and what they want. It also includes an arsenal of personalization tools that allow you to immediately respond to the insights it provides. Think of product recommendations, personalised landing pages, well-timed pop-ups, and automatic triggers to your external marketing channels. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform and built-in integrations, you can easily build a customized ecosystem with Spotler Activate that seamlessly aligns with your ambitions and goals.

Spotler Activate: the newest member of the Spotler family

Spotler Activate is a merger of the Customer Data Platforms Squeezely, Datatrics, Shopping Minds and the search technology of Sooqr. During the Webwinkel Vakdagen 2024 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, we will show how we can better support our customers and partners with Spotler Activate in their journey to digital maturity.

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