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Hello, here is Yellowgrape

Yellowgrape has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible for 10 years now. With resounding results. Clients have been skyrocketed, prizes have been won, and the company has grown to a family of over 45 people. From the heart of Amsterdam, they still do what they are good at and enjoy: building next-level e-commerce strategies for online retailers and travel organizations.

Success depends on synergy. This goes beyond achieving synergy between the different parts of the e-commerce strategy. The synergy with the customer’s business operations is at least as important. It is this strategic focus that makes Yellowgrape unique. The strategic analyses are largely based on figures, just as the final strategy is fully data-driven. They build go-to-market plans for existing companies and new initiatives.

Data-driven e-commerce

In the past, marketing channels were driven by gut feeling. Fortunately, those days are over. Nowadays, data is the starting point. Yellowgrape’s data proposition is the basis for their growth and brand awareness, and more importantly, that of their clients. They collect and centralize data from various channels to enable personalization in marketing on a large scale.

Spotler Activate is the central repository for this data, where data from different sources comes together. They combine data intelligence with creative entrepreneurship. Retention plays a key role in this. The motto is therefore: whoever wants long-term profit focuses on retention.

The traffic approach

Generating traffic costs money and is therefore a classic cost-benefit story. If you shoot with a shotgun, you also invest in visitors who don’t generate anything. That’s why they invest in the mix of channels that yields the best return for the customer’s webshop.

Optimising traffic and finding synergy between channels is their trademark. Here too, the data proposition comes into play. Within Spotler Activate, they build up customer profiles and target groups, which they then use within the right marketing channels. This allows them to target very specifically, personalise customer journeys from A to Z, and build sustainable retention flows.

Conversion: the secret of the Grape

Conversion is the sum of many factors. Traffic, relevance, personalisation, design… If you want to get the most out of it, you have to set all the parameters to your advantage and ensure optimal synergy. They know how to combine personalisation and design extremely well and tweak them to perfection. That is the secret of the Grape. If you want to read more about the work of YellowGrape, check out the case study on Traveldeal.

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