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“Boost your e-commerce success with your customer data”

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Taking action together with your data

Use personalisation and marketing automation to attract relevant visitors to your e-commerce platform, convince them and convert them into satisfied customers. Who keep coming back. Want to take action together? The team of digital marketing and data specialists will dive into the data for you, extract insights from it, translate these into actions and keep improving until the result is optimal.
This way you can keep working on further growth.

Experience the power of personalization yourself

Apply customer-centric personalization by integrating Spotler Activate into your marketing landscape. Start small and then expand. Personalized, relevant content contributes to an optimal shopping experience for your visitors, extends the session duration on the webshop and increases the chance of repeat purchases. With a positive effect on conversion and average order value. Always with the aim of being relevant to your visitors. And to convey messages that encourage action.

Sustainable results

Customer journeys, on-site personalisation, conversion optimisation and automation; these are the things they like to (and do!) do. And therefore they know what works and what doesn’t. In addition to a functional webshop with an impressive design, they specialise in usability, effectiveness and relevance. And no, this does not stop with a one-off action, but preferably with a view to a long-term collaboration. XSARUS and Spotler Activate regularly join forces successfully. Organisations such as Sacha, Manfield, Roobol, Eijerkamp, Bomont and Riverwoods already benefit from this. Do you want this too?

The specialists at XSARUS use their knowledge and expertise (with passion!) daily from our offices in Middelharnis and the heart of Rotterdam. To do what they are good at: helping brands and retailers achieve omnichannel e-commerce at the highest level.

Let’s get to know each other

Contact the digital marketing & data specialists at XSARUS to get the most out of your customer data together. Build on +20 years of digital commerce experience and our data expertise.

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