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“We Dig Data”

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Hello, this is PI Marketing

PI Marketing is a digital agency specializing in marketing automation. They focus primarily on personalized email and on-site campaigns, which they fully set up and automate for their clients. They also use other data they obtain and analyse to feed and drive other channels. With a team of data engineers and a team of technical marketers, they have the perfect mix in-house for complex, extensive marketing automation campaigns.

What exactly do you do and how do you work?

With a clear focus on sending the right message at the right time to the right person, we personalise and automate this process completely. In concrete terms, this means less costs, better results and ultimately satisfied customers for you.

PI Marketing’s core values:

  • Challenge each other
  • Achieve clear goals
  • Create opportunity
  • Focus on solutions
  • Take responsibility
  • Get personal

What do you mean by ‘Smarter Together’?

We increase conversion and boost sales by improving the on-site experience of your visitors. Based on crystal-clear data, we guide (potential) customers through the last crucial phase of the purchasing process. Because we don’t just let interested visitors leave.

With a focus on co-creation and long-term collaboration, we not only set up the campaigns, but we also continue to analyse and optimise them. In other words: together we become better and smarter!

What makes you stand out as an agency?

We are crazy about data, complex software and digital marketing. We help organizations with their marketing transformation and optimisation. We know exactly what and why we do something for our clients and work with tight roadmaps, but if something needs to happen in between or you have another issue, we will deal with it quickly for you!

Through long-term partnerships and good insights, we are able to make campaigns perform better and better over time.

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