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Hello, this is mailmeisters

Meet the mailmeisters! Driven to get the most out of your email marketing channel, every day again.

They are most proud of…

Top clients such as Obelink, Neleman, Supspace and more…

What makes them unique…

At mailmeisters, they not only execute, but also think about how you can grow online even faster.

They specialize in…

Next level CRM & email marketing! With masterful automations and relevant campaigns, we boost your turnover. We stack with different automations and create an ever-increasing undercurrent in turnover. By cleverly personalising, we take control of your customer base and go for maximum results.

What their approach looks like…

Personal and at the right time. They map out the customer journey of customers together. Based on this, they build targeted automations to boost turnover. They provide insight into the database. Who are the top customers, and which customers can be reactivated? They build RFM segments, make them insightful by means of a customer pyramid and then let the very best automations loose on them.

At mailmeister, they are the collective of CRM & email marketing specialists. Together they get the most out of the database with the best automations and email campaigns. Personalisation and relevance are central to this.

Take control of your customer base and boost your turnover.

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