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Link building and so on

Brandfirm started years ago as a link building party. Of course, today that is still an important part of SEO, but they recognized that by expanding in services they can realize more growth for their customers. And growth, that is what makes them enthusiastic at Brandfirm!

As a result, Brandfirm has expanded their services and they now dare to say that they are now a Strategic Growth Partner for their customers. They can now perform all tasks of a full-service online marketing agency (SEO, Ads, Content and CRO) and above that a Strategy layer to actively contribute to the realization of the business objective.

They tell you what needs to be done and they can execute it for you!

And they can execute it for you!

As mentioned, a lot has changed over the years, because from an SEO agency they became a full-service agency and from a full-service agency they became a growth partner. But the culture has always remained the same.

Brandfirm has been going to Bali with the team every year since 2017 and they believe that Friday afternoon drinks, company events and something as simple as table tennis tournaments contribute to the friendliness in the workplace and with their customers.

Growth goes both ways

They are most proud of the sustainable customer relationships. Customers such as 123sierbestrating, e-Carnivalskleding and Mastello have grown with them over the years and vice versa they have also been allowed to grow with them. So this goes both ways.

They enjoy working for growth companies. Companies that are proven to be on to something and that want to accelerate quickly together with Brandfirm. These type of companies have reached the point where they can make a difference with their online marketing services (Strategy, SEO, Ads, Content and CRO).

Surprisingly friendly

By forging a surprisingly friendly relationship with their customers and with each other, they create the necessary freedom to deliver the very best work that really helps customers move forward. And they grow from that too.

Step by step

Customers go further with the Growth Method. Brandfirm takes customers step by step through the marketing funnel. For one company, ‘reach’ is very important (think of a low-interest product, which simply has to be very visible all the time), for another company a focus on the ‘retention phase’ is the best way to move forward.

At Brandfirm, customers therefore never receive a standard method. They focus on the phases that they suspect will have the most impact on the customer. The work process fits in seamlessly with this. They work from a goal-oriented, data-driven and efficient method to think ahead, see opportunities and evaluate them properly. So they no longer work from: “Hey, you are looking for SEO? Okay, let’s do it.”, but have the dialogue: “Hey, you want to double in turnover in 5 years? Okay, here’s a plan and we’re going to make it happen for you.”

The philosophy is therefore: At Brandfirm we are not only happy with growth, but also with the click it creates with our customers. We believe that one cannot exist without the other. This is how we create positive energy; that’s how we become best friends; in this way we create a culture of perseverance.

This is how we move forward together.

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