Datatrics is now Spotler Activate

Datatrics has been merged into Spotler Activate. We offer even better software and support to make you even more successful.


Larger, better, and more extensive

Spotler Activate is a merger of the Customer Data Platforms of Datatrics, Squeezely, Shopping Minds and site-search software Sooqr, all part of the Spotler Group.

By continuing as one platform, Spotler Activate reinforces the shared ambition: to offer customers a highly user-friendly solution for e-commerce activities. Functionalities and connections you were used to using can be found in the fresh and modern interface of Spotler Activate. In addition, we have added a number of new features.

Spotler follows a number of important core principles for the development of its Spotler Activate software: user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to adopt. In addition, the support you were used to has been expanded. We offer practical support that consists of a customer success team, a support team, technical specialists, and a partner network.

Powerful features for personalisation in customer journeys

All data together

Have 360-degree profiles of prospects and customers, in real-time.

Individual customer approach

Adapt expressions through all channels to your customers, send them at the right time.

Automate the customer journey

Set triggers to automatically perform conversion-enhancing actions.

Fully AVG-compliant

Make your e-commerce activities fully first-party cookie & AVG-compliant.

Spotler Activate is more than just another CDP

Compared to Datatrics software, much more is possible with Spotler Activate. Spotler Activate offers a broader platform in which you can, for example, personalize the search functionality on your website, so that visitors find what they are looking for on your site faster and better. You can also reach customers in a powerful and effective way thanks to integration with WhatsApp, which opens the door to interactive, conversion-enhancing campaigns.

Standard with extensive guidance

With Spotler Activate, Spotler delivers pleasant and powerful CDP software for an effective personalisation strategy, including extensive guidance. We attach great importance to personal service. To give you a carefree start, we offer Success Cases and extensive Resources, how-to guides and an informative Help Center to help you develop yourself into an e-commerce specialist. Of course, we have a customer success team ready to help you realize your e-commerce ambitions and our support team helps you by phone or email.

Book a personal demo

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