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Everything starts with customer recognition

If you want to offer your customers the ultimate experience, you must first understand who they are and what they want. With Spotler Activate, you can recognise visitors on your website and automatically merge their data into a centralised overview of customer profiles. This forms the foundation for personalised customer journeys and impactful campaigns across all your channels.

Why you also need Spotler Activate

Consider a Customer Data Platform the beating heart of your marketing department. After all, it not only organises your data but also assists you in leveraging insights and streamlining your work. With an array of built-in tools, you can operate in a fully data-driven manner without losing control.

Discover why you need Spotler Activate

100% control over collecting, enriching, and monetising your customer data

We like to keep it simple

No one enjoys a seemingly endless onboarding process. Neither do we. That’s why we have broken down the implementation process into four straightforward steps. This way, you can quickly and purposefully get started. If you still face any challenges, our experts are here to assist you.

More about our approach

A tailor-made ecosystem

Enrich Spotler Activate with apps and solutions that match your business and objectives. Choose from an arsenal of innovative techniques and add the final touch to your omnichannel strategy.

Discover all the possibilities

Discover the possibilities of Spotler Activate

360-degree Customer Profile
Journey Builder
Audience Segmentation
Product Recommendations
Channel Synchronisation
Website Personalisation
A/B Testing
Realtime Persuasion

How customers succeed with Spotler Activate

We can tell you very well what you can do with our features. But to be honest, our customers can do that way better.

VVV Texel
Kees Smit

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